Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I enjoy Twilight, but is it college credit-worthy?

My family would tell you that I'm a fan of all things Twilight Saga. They'd be right. It's not all perfect and not all presented the way I would have liked to see it, but I can't get over loving the stories. I shook my head, though, when I first heard that there's an actual college course being offered that is based on the series. Then I decided that I'd actually read about the course before I jump to any conclusions.

Now I'm thinking that it's an interesting concept. If there are women's studies courses and almost countless other sorts of specialized courses that are designed to get people thinking, discussing, and being actively involved in reading and the learning process, who am I to say that this idea couldn't be valuable? I know I enjoy my book group meetings and would love to talk about the issues these stories spark in my thinking mind. I love finding opportunities to stick up for values that I see in the books and that I feel are vitally important. In fact, I might even be inclined to attend the class if it were available where I live. (Well, at least in my dream life where I'd have time, money, and a family situation so I could do things like take any courses at all, much less this specific course.)

In the meantime, I'm planning to peek in on the class occasionally through the online component. I want to see if the investment of time and creative thinking and writing that got this course off the ground result in equally valuable learning and discussions.

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mnmsalyer said...

Having read all of the instructor's blog, I'm leaning toward being unimpressed, disappointed, and even a bit saddened. It is entirely possible that a large part of my deliberately slowly-forming opinion comes from my disappointment with a college-level instructor who repeatedly uses "'s" inappropriately when trying to indicate possessive forms of words. (It's instead of the grammatically appropriate its, for example.) I'll keep reading, though, and try to keep an open mind.